Rosie K.
March 2017
How did you come to live with your current family?
Well, as I remember hearing when I was just a pup, Mom was thinking of getting a little white purebred puppy when she was introduced to Lil' Waif Puppy Rescue.  Luckily for me she went to Seattle to take a peek.  There I was, a mostly black and a little bit of white puppy who was small then but grew into a very big girl.  Mom didn't know I would be so big but we have worked it out and it's true love.
Silly or little known facts you should know about me:
Although I am so much bigger and so much louder and very scary to anyone coming to my door or yard I am still, after all these years, quite afraid of Lucy, my cat sister.  I try not to make eye contact with her when she gets near me and I walk big circles around her and I sit at the bottom of the stairs if she is on them.  I wait for Mom to clap her hands or something to make Lucy move.  I just don't understand Lucy's problem.  I am pretty sensitive and it kind of hurts my feelings.
Besides Day Care.....what do I love?
I LOVE going in the car so I can bark like a fool at any dog I see walking.  It is so much fun.  I also LOVE going to see my cousins, Molly and Bella, even though they are little white dogs.  This winter I have also LOVED the snow and making snow angels by rolling around on my back.
What are my favorite toys or games? 
I really like playing ball with Mom in the yard.  Whoever invented the Chuck-It must be really, really smart and they must love dogs.  I also enjoy my Tail Spin Flyer frisbee and my Jolly Ball.  Mom kicks it and I carry it back to her by the handle.  We play a lot of keep away to see who can get it first.  We have so much fun.
If I had a major in college:
Although I have always excelled in P.E. I have become more interested in elementary education as I've matured.  I think I might make a really good kindergarten teacher as I am kind of bossy with the little kids.  Just trying to teach them proper dog behavior is my goal.
Personal ad might say:
Very beautiful though plus sized female dog enjoying life to the fullest but always up for more fun.
Other information about me:
I enjoy the company of other dogs just not in my own yard.  Only Molly and Bella, my cousins, are welcome and of course all of my human friends.  I am quite territorial about my yard so I am very fortunate to have Tails A Wagging in my life.   I have been a Tuesday and Friday girl for 8 years so I certainly know the drill around there.