January 2017
I was a much anticipated, addition to the De Jong Family.  I think Mom really likes Standards, because I am the third Standard Poodle to live with her.   My Mom had a previous connection with the Sintaro Kennels in Spokane, WA.  She contacted them and got on a waiting list for puppies. When the news came that there were puppies, Mom & Dad got a photo of three male puppies. Dad said not this one, which happened to be me.  Dad thought I had a look in my eye as if I was looking for trouble ….. not trouble, just fun!  However, Mom and Jocelyn were the ones to come to the kennel and pick out the new De Jong Pup …… I won them over by following them everywhere.
At night, after a robust game of toss and catch, I often climb onto Dad’s lap for a relaxing cuddle and a good chest rub. I have tried to cuddle on Mom’s lap, but there just isn’t much room.  I keep sliding off!
Some of my favorite things to do are traveling in the car or truck, just don’t leave me behind!  I am happy to sit in the car and just people watch, if not allowed to go into an establishment.  Off leash doggy parks are another favorite of mine and if not off leash, then just long walks with Dad and even better when both Mom and Dad walk. 
My absolute favorite game or activity is to catch rings!!!!  It is so much fun to run and try to nab a sailing ring in mid-flight!  I like to catch rings until I just have to lay down in the grass and catch my breath. I never want to stop and go inside, so I try to hang onto the last ring.  If I can’t play with rings, then I will catch balls and tugs, or I will find something left on a counter or table and play keep away! What can I say …….. “Dogs Just Like to Have Fun!”
I enjoy observing, so maybe I would be good at being a PI. I’m sure my counter surfing skills and the ability to run like the wind would be assets when checking out clues.  Once I have a piece of evidence, I am difficult to catch. Oh, and I do not give up contraband easily.
Single, handsome Poodle looking for someone who never tires of throwing rings and balls.  You must be up for action all day, but willing to cuddle at night!
When I die, it is my biggest wish that the Angels in Heaven will toss their halos for me to catch and retrieve for all of eternity.  That would truly be “Heaven” to me!