October 2016
How did you come to live with your current family?
My previous human parents had to move to Hawaii for the job suddenly and would have had to put me quarantine at the airport in Hawaii. Since I am shy and have a bit of separation anxiety (gee ! I love being with people), they thought I could not deal isolation for a couple of weeks at quarantine (I totally agree). So they had me put up for adaption with tons of tears.
My new mom and dad found me on the pet They fell in love with me instantly when we met at my temporary foster home - Eleni, who is the founder of Furbaby Rescue, a wonderful adaption organization.
Time really flies!! 4 years passed since then.
What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?
I am a bit complicated dog because I love being with people but also like keeping some distance from them once in a while.
Sometimes I just love being indulged laying beside mom and dad who are scratching my belly and head when we watch TV together. Sometimes I enjoy watching mom and dad from under the table.
Normally I am not that active but once or twice a day my switch turns on (I don't know why...) and I start running crazily in back yard or living room. I guess it is my exercise to keep good shape.
By the way I am bilingual since my mom teaches me Japanese.
Besides Day Care what do you love?
I love enjoying watching people and dogs passing by from MY window on the hall on second floor. I think I am a guard dog. Right? Mom puts comfy cushion on MY chair so that I can see outside better.
I also love dress up once in a while with pretty clothes mom bought me via Amazon.
What are your favorite toys or games?
Playing tug-o-war with my pink piggy toy with my dad. Dad really plays hard with me.
If you had a major in college what would it be?
I want to learn Human Psychology to understand them better. And I want to write a book some day how to cherish best relationship between pets and human, and will donate all profits to SPCA.
If you wrote a personal ad what would it say?
Hi there. I am Chloe. I am sassy LIL girl Shihchon (Bichon and Shih Tzu) will be 6 years old on November 28th having good life with devoted and caring mom and dad in beautiful North West.
I love being with other dogs but sometime I am still in my shell. So please do not take me bad if I am running away from you. I am just shy!
Oh I forgot to tell you I am alumnus of class “Wonderful Wall flowers” at Tails.
Other information we should know about you?
I always appreciate what I have. It makes me so sad to know that many animals suffer from abuse and neglect. I am so impressed to know that so many human people work so hard to save animals.
Tons of my appreciation for all compassionate staff working for SPCA, Animal Rescue, Adaption and Foster programs.
Last but not least My huge hugs and lickings for all wonderful Tails staff who make me so happy every time I am at Tails.