July 2016
How did I come to live in Bellingham?
First thing about me, I was born was born on 5-5-14 (Cinco de Mayo) in Mountain Home Arkansas to a very nice lady that keeps her pups in her house except to go out on a supervised play. The next thing that happened to me, was I got a smelly unwashed t-shirt put in my bed, I got use to it like all the other new smells, but then I went on a plane ride from Arkansas to Seattle, some one was waiting for me there in Seattle and he smells just like that smelly T-shirt, I was very happy to meet him (Greg) because he was a smell that I recognized from my last good home. When I got to Bellingham I was never so busy learning commands getting treats being exposed to new noises, hardly time for a nap.
Silly or little known facts?
Some times on walks, I just like to sit down, smell and watch what is around me, I do not have to walk a long distance to enjoy my surroundings. I do not mind riding the Monorail in Seattle. I do not like the escalators they scare me at the top where the stairs disappear.
What do I love?
I love my dog friends, my people friend best, they are usually women (higher pitched voice). I like running out on tide flats in the summer time. My daily routine is what I love best, and it hardly ever changes.
The games I like:
I love when I am at home and I let Greg know its time to play a good game of chase me. I love every night I get a crumpled up paper grocery bag with peanut butter pill pocket treat’s smeared on the inside of it, I know that its going to be a while scratch pawing and ripping before I get that thing completely opened up. When I am left behind in the apartment Greg leave’s small cracker treats all over, it take’s me a long time to smell and find them all. If Greg is going to be gone a longer period of time I get the crackers and a cardboard box with peanut butter pill pockets smeared on the inside seams and folds, I know I can bite scratch lick and tear at it and I will not get in trouble.
I have been to school (Tails-A-Wagging) and it has paid off times ten for me. I get verbal commands every day like to wait and then an ok to cross the street.