November 2015
How did you come to live with your current family?
I was born in Abbottsford, BC, so I have dual citizenship.  My mom came up to pick me up when I was just 9 weeks old.
She really likes big dogs, and thought she'd be getting one in me that was smaller than her old Newfoundland, Dragon.
Boy, did I fool her!
What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?
I have three dog beds, but I usually sleep on the living room sofa.
That way I'll know if my mom gets up in the middle of the night.
I save my mom from that evil guy who comes to our front porch almost every day and puts stuff in our mailbox.
So far he's left every time.  I can tell he's up to no good.
Besides Day Care… what do you love?
I love food, kitties that don't run away from me; and
I love going places, especially to the beach to find dead crabs or fish to roll around in.
Oh, and my mom and dad, of course!
What are your favorite toys or games?
My Bernese Mountain Dog stuffie and Lampchop stuffie are my favorites.  I play with them, but I don't rip them apart.
They just get really spitty.
I'm not a retriever, but if you throw a stick for me, I'll gladly go get it and run around with it.
If you had a major in college…what would it be?
I would write my own major:  "Tail Wagging."  One of the required courses would be "How to knock things off the coffee table in one swish."
If you wrote a personal ad… what would it say?
Very large, very hairy affable guy looking for someone who is okay with me sitting on their feet.
Should be not-drool-averse.
Other information we should know about you?
When my mom comes home, even if she's been gone for only a little while, I jump into the air and wiggle around like I can almost fly. She calls me "Jump-around-fun-dog."