June 2015
How did you come to live with your current family?
My birth mother and father are a local herding family, my Dad had his jaw kicked by a horse when he was young so had kind of a funny sideways smile, but it didn't slow him down in his work.  He and Mom were really hard workers which is where I get my energy and work ethic.  When I was old enough a man who was to be my Human brother Kevin came and picked me out to stay with him and his family for a week while we waited for my future mother to have her 65th birthday party.   While I was there I learned to play socker with some children.  I love to play socker            
What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?
My mother Coral was very surprised when she saw I was a border collie puppy because she had always adopted elderly dogs before.  Kevin told her he wanted her to have me because he was sure I would keep her young.  So that is my biggest job.  But I have many jobs.  Mom and I took several of the wonderful classes at TAW and I always look forward to attend day care on Tuesdays.  I hope I am a good helper there, I am there to help the staff with the other dogs. When I am at home and in our car my job is to protect my family. I am sometimes a bit over the top about that though.  When my Aunt Marlene startled me by tapping on our car window I barked so furiously, and showed my gums so frighteningly that she said I looked like the creature in the movie Alien and she thought another set of teeth would appear.  I can really look scary but anyone who knows me knows I am really a very sweet girl, and I am very watchful of my brother dog "Stosh" and my 4 cat siblings.  
What are your favorite toys or games?
Besides my work I love to walk my family on the trails near Fairhaven and play catch with tennis balls in the off leash area.  I can run really fast and seldom miss,  When I get tired, I play keepaway.   Then when we get home I want to play some more.  One time my Dad Don was looking everywhere for a tennis ball. Both he and Mom searched.  When they gave up I quickly gathered up 3 balls I had hidden and lined them up behind them.  I made a very quiet polite bark.  They were delighted.  And of course making others happy is my greatest job in life.  atural!!!!!
Besides Day Care… what do you love?
I love following the staff at TAW around as we work with the dogs and I love keeping my Mom young and happy.  I need not go to college for that,  I am a natural!!!!!