oso & malcom
January 2012

How did you come to live with your current family? 

Oso:  After my original family didnít work out some nice folks at Furbaby helped me search the internet and eventually I found a family I thought I could help.

Malcolm:  To find the right people I searched all over downtown Sedro Wooley and was eventually directed to the Skagit Human Society where they helped me screen and eventually find a suitable home to adopt. I was especially excited to find a family with another high energy little black dog like myself. Even the Human Society thought I should snap these people up before some else did. I went to my new home that day that  I met them.

What Silly or Little known facts should we know about you?
Oso:  I watch Jeopardy. I really like Alex Trebekís moustache.
Malcolm:  I used to write an advice column for ìMaxim-mutt magazineî in my youth.  
Besides Day Care, what do you love?
Oso:  I really love going to the lake and catching the ball.
Malcolm:  I like the lake too, but going swimming and then shaking my self dry in front of an unsuspecting person is the best.
What are your favorite toys or games?
Oso:  I love to play ìbark, bark, and bark some moreî when I see someone in front of the house.
Malcolm:  I can strip a felt tennis ball in less than 2minutes.
If you had a major in college what would it be?
Oso:  Law Enforcement. Someone has to keep the cats in line.
Malcolm:  I have a PHD in LOVE. I love the ladies, real ladies. I have also noticed that they have a hard time resisting my tousled dark haired canine charm.
If you wrote a personal ad what would it say?
Oso:  Pomeranian looking for HWP Bichon for friendship and maybe more.
Malcolm:  Canine howler seeking other musicians to form new band, ìMuttallicaî. Again, chicks dig guys in a band.
Other information we should know about you?
Oso:  I love agility class and running around like a crazy dog, usually at the same time.
Malcolm:  After a long day I love to go outside and roll around in something deliciously stinky and then lie on my familyís bed to share with them.