jake & abby
October 2005


Jake: i was the "family dog" first. My mom wanted a beagle for mothers day and i wanted a little sister anyway so we got abby. She's really nice but she still doesn't know how to eat properly. She always spills her food then eats off of the floor.
Abby: don't make it sound like i'm stupid or anything. It's just more fun to eat like that. Besides what's with the way you lay down? You always cross your front paws.
Jake: it makes me look very proper, dignified. Anyway, we do both enjoy the morning "sniff walk". That and swimming/fetch are the best.
Abby: yah, "sniff walk". I don't care for swimming though, i'd rather play tug with my rope toy.

If your dog had a major in college what would it be:

Jake: sanitation engineering. He is always "picking up" (eating) any garbage he can get a hold of.
Abby: forensic studies. She is in constant investigation mode.

If your dog wrote a personal ad,  what would it say?

Jake: big boy, dark and handsome. In search of strangers with treats.
Abby: gorgeous red head, loves pampering, belly rubs & chicken. In search of owner who will provide. Oh, they already do... Never mind.