gus g.
April 2005

My name is Gus... or known to many of you as Gussy, Mr. Gusman, Mr. Goodman, Gusses S Grant ( ok maybe that's just what Angi calls me )but you get the picture. I am doggie brother to Boulder, and my kitties as well as lover of all. I was originally from the Whatcom Humane Society and come to day care to play and hang out with my friends. Other cool stuff about me is that I am a doggie blood donor for the Northwest Veterinary Blood Bank. When they have a dog that needs help... they call me Super Gussy to the rescue. My favorite things to do when I'm not at day care are bird watching, riding in the car and snuggling. I have lots of cool toys at home but my favorite is my bacon strip pull toy. At day care my favorite games are sitting on top of the tires or dog houses, tag, chew your head, and wrestle. My sister Tehya comes to day care too, although we live in separate families its fun to see her and exchange destruct-o stories.

If Your dog had a major in college what would it be:
Genetic Engineer

If your dog wrote a personal ad... what would it say?
Young, Single, White Male. Size and Weight Proportionate. Loves spending daytime outdoors running and playing. Nights are for cuddling up by the fireplace. Very intelligent and a bit of a bad boy. Looking for friends who can put up with a challenge. I get bored easily so, Drama Queens encouraged to apply.