August 2004

Hey everyone, I'm Daisy. I am one of the nicest Golden Retrievers you will ever meet ( just ask DDC attendant, Deanna ) My dad picked me out of all by brothers and sisters because I was the smallest, the silliest and the sweetest! At day care I love everyone and play well with all the dogs and people a like. At home I am CRAZY for Frisbee and I also like to watch t.v. - not kidding here I really love it. Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are my favorites ( I hate CNN ) My dad and I also own some property and LOVE swimming.

If your dog had a major in college, what would it be?

If your dog wrote a personal ad, what would it say?
Elegant S.B.F ( single, blonde, female ) Golden Retriever with a lot of spunk and known for her free spirit and gentle heart, seeks gentle, mature, yet feisty companion to share fun and snuggles. Must enjoy settling in and watching a good show and never pass on a game of Frisbee.