June 2004

Hey everybody... get ready for a wild and crazy guy! That's me. I'm a pretty cool Labrador/Shepherd Mix and I have been coming to day care for about 2 1/2 years. I get to come once a week. My dad knows that is a good schedule for me because any less and I chew the shingles off the side of the house. Pretty clear message if you ask me.

At home I love to go swimming at Northshore and the beaches with my dad.

At day care I hang out with all the big dogs. My best friends are Ben, Neo, Toby W., Hannah R. and Rufus. I love to chase and wrestle the best, tug games with the rope toys always make me happy. I like clicker training time... cause I'm already really smart, grooming with the soft brushes and chew time too. My favorite is the howling circle... you should see all us big boys get together.