toby w.
April 2004

Hey everyone! Look no further.. its me, Toby. I'll give you a minute to get over how handsome I am then we can talk all about my favorite things. I have been coming to day care since Summer 2001. My brother, Bear, and I were originally adopted from the Whatcom Humane Society to separate families. I was re-homed then I finally came to live with my new family. You see my family already new everyone at Tails, since they had been caring for my cat brother Edward for some time. When I came into the picture I got to go and play and make a ton of new friends. At day care they call me a police dog... you see I am pretty close in line for Ben's job as Alpha Male. ( but that's pretty far off, since he is still the boss of me ) So I just help out when I am needed to get in the middle of the occasional puppy squabble. They say I am very good at my job and the day care workers all like to have me in their play group when they have a new dog....just to help out and all.

At home I like to hang out, play with my favorite toys, stuffed animals and chewie things like my mom's feet. Being a "Newfy" I am good in the water, but I like to reserve most of my skills for being Whatcom County's only "Goldfish Herder" ( we have two big ponds at my house )

At day care my very best friend in the whole world in Mr. Big ( pet of the month December 2002 ) He lets me pull on his tail when we wrestle. But I really enjoy all the big dogs. Ben, Max C., Tinker Bell, Bear, Neo, Gretchen and Hannah R. I like to play chase and keep always games as well as a good round in the pool during the summer- so refreshing.