February 2004

Hello fellow dog lovers... aren't I cute, I'm Gretchen as very sweet and loving pit-bull. I was adopted by from a local breeder here in town and have been lucky enough to live with my dad for 2 years. He just adores me... can you blame him?

At home I am pretty silly and like to take all my toys out of my toy box and spread them all around and laugh while my dad picks them all up. To make me even more special than I already am I have a food allergy so I have to be on a special diet.

My dad can't get me to day care fast enough....I am still trying to convince them to go to a 24hr. schedule. At day care I have a ton of friends but my most favorites are Abby G., Neo, Gracie, Bu, Riley, Gordy, Colby, Molly and Ronin. I love to wrestle and chase the most, but you can always get me to agree to cuddle time.