November 2003

Sweet and So lovable. Rachel has been coming to doggie day care since she was adopted by her mom 7 months ago. Originally from the Whatcom Humane Society, she was a bit shy at first but has come so very far. Loves to run and chase after all her best friends ( the best of course is Lucy W., but Yukon, Margot or Harley are always welcome to chew on her a bit )

At home she enjoys playing with her favorite toy, a squeaky teddy bear. Her mom says that when she rides in the car she like to "woo woo woo" and talk a lot.

At day care she likes so many things: a good game of bark tag, hanging out in one of the dog houses, napping on a bed with Lucy W., asking the day care staff to help her with her favorite trick... ever so gently she puts a paw on their leg... then when she gets the ok she jumps up into their arms!