August 2003

Hi, I'm Mocha. Such a sweet and loving little girl. My mom originally adopted me from FurBaby Rescue up in Blaine and I have been loving my life with her for nearly 2 years.

I get to come to day care every day because I just could not go too long with out seeing my best friend, Percy. I don't let just anyone snuggle in my favorite bed, ya know. Other best buddies are Bubba, Rocky, Barney, Wiener and Geordie.

At home I am a wild woman racing though the house and yard playing my favorite game " race track " . I also love to play ball and with my squeaky toys too. I am also pretty unique, I clean myself like a cat, using my paws to wipe my face.

No one is quite sure about my mysterious heritage... could be part Corgi, could be part Chihuahua, could be part Princess Prairie Dog........

You would never know it now but I was pretty shy at fist, but my mom socialized me very well, with lots of love at home and twice daily trip to the Crusin Coffee drive through...... that sure taught me strangers were cool ( because they always gave me a cookie )

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