ronin & bobbie
June 2003

Hi we are Ronin and Bobbie. Two of the best greyhounds in the whole world..... ( yes Angi and Jason are just a little biased )

Little Miss Bobbie ( aka The Princess ) is a retired racer, for 2 long hard years she raced at a track outside Portland, Oregon. Like most racers she was very disciplined, unable to show emotion at first, when her guardian adopted her from Greyhound Pets Inc. But as time has passed her personality has blossomed and you can just see the love and joy she has to share. Being a retired racer, it was hard at first to loosen up, but now she enjoys playing with the other dogs ( especially the puppies ) and has learned that running can be fun!... and jumping, hopping and galloping is pretty silly too!

Ronin ( aka Mr. Sensitive... ) although he did not race, he was bred as a show dog but his breeder did not think he had the "right stuff" so off to Greyhounds Pets Inc. He is quite playful and loves his squeaky toys. His best friend at day care is Misha, he could play with him all day. Howl time is great fun too, he likes to get Ben started.....

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