April 2003

Hi I'm Arthur. They have a nick name for me here at Tails-A-Wagging..... sometimes they call me "Disney" because my brain is the happiest place on earth!!!

I love everyone and everything, they don't get much wackier than me. My best friends are Misha, Neo, Thunder, Lou, Tucker, Harley, Mooney, Sullivan, Yukon, Nic, Winnie, Cleo, Gordy, Lia, Jax ( I could go on and on ya know ) as long as you are young, wild and like being chewed on... you are a friend of mine!

At home I love my mommies and my kitties. Mommy Rebecca and I are quite the hot dancers ( I have to teach her all my moves ) Mommy Lisa and I stick to the snuggles.