allie & beacon
January 2003

Hi, we are Allie and Beacon. We have been coming to Tails-A-Wagging since the day they opened up. We love it! First a little bit about me... Beacon. I'm an older girl with alot of spunk. I love Frisbee the best but Angi and Jason learned the hard way that too much is not always a good thing ( makes me way too tired and sore) I enjoy a good romp in the pool and playing with all the puppies. After a full morning of play I like to snuggle up with the littles and play with the plushy toys. My sister Allie, the real wacky one... with a lot of always up for a good game of wrestle and fetch. She is a snuggler too, but would rather play and chase than take a rest time with those puppies-like me. We are both super smart. I know all the names of my toys and sometimes I trick my mom, when its time to got out to pee sometimes I just fake it so I can come back in and get a cookie! We come to Day Care every Wednesday.