Pet of the Month.

Zoey July 2018

Name: Zoey

How did you come to live with your current family? I was living with my mom and two brothers on the outskirts of Arlington with my mom’s family, when my new family came looking for a girl–so here I am.

What silly or little known facts should we know about you? I like to dress up, but I really hate hats.

Besides Day Care, what do you love? Walking, running in circles and figure 8s, sunning, snoozing, and just being with people.

What are your favorite toys or games? I love to play Tug-of-War. I also love the game “You Chase Me, Then I’ll Chase You.”

If you had a major in college, what would it be? Entomologist, I just love to study bugs and chase them too. if they fly.

If you wrote a personal ad, what would it say? Great companion, loves to cuddle, loves to play, very neat, sharp dresser.

Other information we should know about you? I’m a 3-year-old female Boston Terrier