kakoa m
Goodbye to our dear love, Kakoa.  We have been lucky enough to care for this sweet bundle for such a long time. Kakoa was a funny dog,  so spirited and fun.  A buddy to all, he will be missed. 
Maluhia sweet Kakoa.



Our hearts are aching as we said good bye to our beloved Keva.  She tragically lost her life in a house fire in May 2017.  We had been lucky enough to have been caring for her since she was just a wee pup and she grew to be one of our best friends.  Steady and true Keva was a dog who was loved by all.


Our hearts are aching as we said good bye to our beloved Keva.  She tragically lost her life in a house fire in May 2017.  We had been lucky enough to have been caring for her since she was just a wee pup and she grew to be one of our best friends.  Steady and true Keva was a dog who was loved by all.

koda j

The sweetest boy you have ever met... yet we all knew his sassy streak. Don't even think about containing him!  He was a lover to all,  a mentor to the puppies and loved the ladies.  He was a king pup and adored by each of us.  We love you Koda and you will forever be in our hearts.

The sweetest, smarted, and most loving Old English you would have ever met.  Our sweet Chaucer passed away Feb 2017, very suddenly.  We all loved him as our own.  His goofy -full of slobber-kisses will be missed.


oscar b

The sweetest boy you could have ever met. We had been lucky to have cared for him for as a young pup and for many years thereafter. His illness was sudden and a shock to us all, and we will miss him forever. Oscar, originally found as a pup in the garbage- you changed us and made us better. Love you always big boy


max l

Sweet, silly and goofy Max.  He was such a joy to care for.  Max had to endure a lot in his short life, and we were all lucky enough to have been a part of it.  He loved the lady dogs and toys- and ladies with puppy toys,  now there was his favorite!  We will always love you sweet boy.


Our sweet Denver passed away in January 2017. We all will forever remember her as a silly, goofy ball of fluff. She was a joy to care for and will always be in our hearts. Love you Baby D.


charlie h

Oh Charlie-bear. He was such a goofball, always down for a snuggle or making eyes at you for a treat. He was truly a wonderful dog, with an even more wonderful smile. We feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and care for you over the years.

cara mia m

Cara-Mia was the mother bear to all the puppies at TAW. She helped them learn their manners and was such a love bug. Playing ball and tug-of-war were favorite pass-times, as well as spending time in her igloo. She is missed every day.

chang tse l

Chang was an institution at Tails! Such a goofy girl, she was always the first to put a smile on your face. She will be forever missed.

ashe s

We said goodbye to one of our Tails family today. Ashe was a good boy who was so thankful just to be invited to the party. Sweet, loving and a friend to all, especially the Chihuahuas of the world. Miss you Ashe. Always.

twinkles b

The most difficult aspect of our jobs is the passing of our dear four legged friends. I can say that we truly and deeply love and adore your dogs with all our hearts. We are so lucky that you trust us to care for them. When they pass away our hearts break with you. We weep with you and mourn their passing. We said goodbye to our beloved Twinkles today. Being able to care for her, everyday for the past 10 years was a joy. Good bye my sweet friend. You made us better to have known and loved you.

denali o

We said good bye to our lovely lady Denali. You have all said hello to her (and heard her say it back!) when she would hang out in the office. We will miss her sass, her silliness and her smile. Love you Lady Dog.

trip s

Our hearts break with the news of Trip’s passing. He was the best with puppies, so tolerant and kind. He was so loved, and will be missed by all every day.

scooter a

The hardest part about our job is that we fall in love with your dog. When they pass, our hearts break too. Scooter, we all loved and adored you. Bichon Thursday will never be the same.

jelly b

With deep sorrow, we said goodbye to our matriarch, Jelly. She was an institution around here. Passing suddenly we are all devastated and will miss her everyday. Her brother Bandit is still with us and mourns her. The toughest part of our job, by far. We love you Jelly and we all inspire to control a group of puppies like you did, with one simple little lip curl.


charlie t

our sweet golden boy. just perfect... the only way you can describe him. Eager to do anything that was asked of him, especially teaching the young pups about life, liberty and the pursuit of the pool. Mr. Charles Dickens, we love you.

ridley c

Ridley was a very special dog. It was an understatement that he enjoyed doing just about everything, and if involved food, well... all the better. We had been lucky enough to care for him for just about his entire life and we miss him everyday.

bentley k

Oh Bentley, always a talker... had to make sure everyone knew what he was up to. Coming to day care for many years with his brother Reggie, they were like two peas in a pod. Taken from us suddenly by cancer, we will always remember our lovey Bent-O-Box.

hunter b

Hunter was a funny dog. So sweet and always a gentleman. He thought puppies were amazing and loved to run around and lets them chase him, always slowing to make sure they had a "win" At day care with his brother Gryffin, they were quite the pair. We will always miss his "lean in" for love.


He was a gentleman thru and thru. Always ready to help every dog, by playing and teaching them how to be awesome. Apollo was quite the ladies man and we were lucky enough to care for him for many, many years. Paws down… one cool dog.

jackson s.

Jackson enjoyed two wonderful years following removal of a huge liver tumor in 2012. We still refer to his field at Cornwall Park as Jackson Field – he played chucker-ball there every day at lunch and in the late-afternoon. He was everyone’s best friend, a sweet and gentle soul. How very lucky we were to have been adopted by him. Rest in peace, little man.


We said good bye to our dear sweet Lofa. Although he has been to day care before, he spent the last year of his life coming to Angi and Jason’s house everyday for medical treatment. He needed medication every hour or so, and Jason was on hand to take care of all his needs. He fought the good fight, but lost his battles. Lofa was an intricate part of all of our lives and will miss him everyday.

Allie M

Sweet Allie. Towards the end, Miss Allie was going blind, but we first met her when her sight was good and over the years she had some major vision loss, but that certainly did not stop her from being the Queen of the puppies. She loved taking care of the pups and showing all the dogs how things worked around here. She was always eager to help out the staff and was a touch stone for many dogs. She was very loved by all of us.

toby w

A gentleman’s dog… Toby came to day care for many, many years. For the last few, you would see him up front hanging out in the office. His older bones could no longer take the little puppy paws jumping on him and he earned the right to be Angi’s right pawed guy. He “loved” (ha ha) when Tails would foster kittens in the lobby, as they would always gravitate to him when they go to be out during play time. Such a tolerant dog. Toby was also a volunteer at the WHS Reading Program. He will be missed by so many people. 



McCree was a lovely lady who will be missed by both humans and dogs. She was the mothering type, always looking out for the puppies to make sure they were taken care of. She was a big girl and preferred to play while paying on the floor, so she figured out she can get more friends that way. Her sudden death was a shock to us all, as she passed away due to a bowel obstruction from eating a plushy toy at home. We will always remember her, she is loved.


Our sweet, loving Doire. Tuesdays will never be the same…we all loved having her at Tails. As an essential member of our pack, she took it upon herself to teach those young Aussies all about the finer things in life: jumping, running in the snow, being smart but not a weirdo J As she grew older, she slowed down, only a tad, and was just more selective when she had the wild crazy zoomies. Doire was an awesome hiker and was a perfect trail dog. We will all miss her love. 


Our beloved Queen Daisy. We had been caring for her for years and years… she has been here thru it all and taken every bit with a sense of fun and compassion for the staff and other dogs. She was always a joy to have as she took it upon herself to guide the other golden’s to be the best dogs they can be. Toward the end, her body could no longer carry her to all she wanted to achieve, she had a stroke in 2012 and could to recover. She will always be a proud member of our pack, we love you Daisy. Always. 


Our beloved queen, Jazzie. A part of our heart for many, many years. Our true alpha in the group, she was in charge of all the puppies and all the new dogs. She took stock of everything that was going on, and as a true alpha did not bother with the little stuff- only when it was necessary for her to get involved, she handled herself with grace. She will forever be missed as an special part of our little world. We love you Jazzie, now and forever. 


Boo was always quite the character...she was a true canine athlete. We have been lucky enough to of been caring for her for over 8 years, we saw her grow up from a bossy (yet lovable) young dog to a maternal queen- who took care of all the young dogs, making sure they knew how to play well and respect the older dogs. Boo was feisty, but always had a way about her that was kind, gentle and true. Boo, you taught us to take a step back, you had it all under control. You always had.  


Grace was an angel of a dog. Her long basset body, matched her longing for life. She was a true joy and made friends with everyone she met. Her best friend was Hunter, a Collie. You would never know they were meant to be best buddies, but she knew the purpose of Monday was to see her main guy. She had the best wiggle of any dog we knew, she was lightning fast... and not just for a basset hound! Everyone loved having Grace in their play group, she was an amazing dog. We will always love you Miss Grace.

sadie mae

Sadie Mae was an old soul, we have been lucky enough to care for her for many years. She looked at Tails-A-Wagging as her day off... you see, Sadie Mae had a full time job as resident dog at Sean Humphrey House. www.seanhumphreyhouse.org she helped take care of the residents and she loved her job! Originally adopted from the Humane Society, it was clear she was a special dog who was on a mission to make people lives better. She loved to take care of the puppies, even at 17 yrs. of age you could find her rolling around and showing them how to be good dogs. We will miss her, we all adored her. 


Sweet Tashi had been coming to TAW for many, many years. Tuesday's will not be the same without her. She was strong willed, but loving dog who took it upon herself to train the other dogs how to play. Even this past year, as she became frail in her 15th year of life, she still could wrestle with the pups on the floor... she enjoyed greeting the staff each week and giving them love. We will miss her so much, we loved her like our own dog. 


Beloved Zoe passed away due to kidney failure. She was a true gem here at Tails. Dogs and staff looked to her for her high ranking status in the group. She was gentle and sweet, but a very solid behavior dog. Puppies flocked to her for guidance. She was fun and silly and a joy to care for, even though we were only lucky enough to of known her since 2007. We love you Zoe! 


It's hard to understand why our beloved dogs are taken from us, but we try to find comfort in knowing we were a special part of such a well loved life. We loved you Kola and will miss you, your bark and your style. We say good bye to beloved Kola, who passed away from severe spinal disease. Although we only knew him for a short time we will always love him. 


One amazing cattle dog… he worked his way into all of our hearts. Sydney was deaf, but that did not stop him. He knew multiple hand signals and was crazy smart. A typical baby brother to his sister Allie, and all that that implies J Syd leaves his legacy in a memorial fund, helping rescue and shelter dogs attend day care for fun and socialization. 


Our beautiful Chloe, she was a beautiful lab. We were lucky enough to of cared for her for many, many years. She was a sensitive girl, always seeking out shy dogs to help them along with making new friends. When Chloe loved you, she loved you forever. She leave behind her sisters Daisy and Aussie and brother Paco, Gus and Lofa. 


November 2012 we said goodbye to our friend Cherokee. Okee was a vibrant and
silly dog who lived to love and be loved. He always had a lot to say and
could carry on very interesting conversations about treats and how cute he
was. He was a good brother to Jackson and loved by all who met him. Run free


Our beloved Frito Corn Chip, passed away October 2012. We loved her so very much, as she took little puppies under her paw and showed them how to be good dogs. As a true mamma dog, she made sure all the needs were met for each puppy before she tended to herself. Over the summer of 2012, as she became sick with sarcoma, she was no longer able to be in the playgroup but she hung out several days a week as an office dog. She took her job seriously and enjoyed greeting everyone as they came in. We will forever remember our sweet Frito, no other mamma like her.  


Our dear, sweet Logan lost his battle with stomach cancer in August 2012. Logan was a strong, calm, easy going member of the Tails family. He came to day care every Friday for many years. He loved the puppies and playing clicker games. Logan was one of those amazing dogs... you know, one you will remember forever. He never let you walk away without appreciating dogs in all they share with us. We loved you buddy, always. Now you can run with Kelly, run Logan, run.


Jake was a resident high ranking male pooch! A true leader… no, that never means bossy or pushy in the dog world, that mean a good manager- one the other dogs looked to for guidance to show them the way. He loved ball and summertime in the pool. Towards the end of his life, he slowed down considerably and day care was hard for him, so we adjusted his games and activities as he enjoyed coming so very much. Everyone always wanted him in their play group, as he “helped” us, like our very own assistant. We miss you Jakey, Our happy memories of you will get us through this time without you.


A gentle boy, he took some time to start his play in the morning, but he sure enjoyed a good game of wrestle. Always willing to do anything you asked, Chester was a kind soul. Chester passed away after having 1/3 of his liver removed and never fully recovered. We care for him for several years and will miss his soft eyes and warm heart. When our hearts are empty from missing Chester so much, we think of our memories with him to make us smile.


This bright, energetic lady will forever be in our minds and hearts. She lost her battle with cancer in the Summer 2012. She was a wild woman, but catered to the puppies not only teaching them the rules of being a good dog, but how to play ball like a true cattle dog. We can’t not mention Sethney without telling you about how much she loved (yes loved) wearing her e-collar. Not that she had to do it often, but like with most dog, it’s a part of life at some time or another. Being so smart, she figured out how to use it to her advantage… you can catch toys and treats with it, and if you sister is about to steal your ball? Well, just put your cone over it! Problem solved. We loved her so very much.


Our heart aches for our beloved Bart.  Anyone who knew this adorable, loving dog- was moved by his calm nature and gentle soul.  We have been lucky enough to of been caring for him since he was 9 weeks old.  A bundle of fluff when we first met him, he lost his battle with Histiocytosis on February 2010.  He was silly and goofy, a true Berner.  He was game for anything you asked of him,  happy to meet new dogs and try new games.  Bart leaves behind his doggie sisters Daisy and Denver,  who loved their brother, so very much.


A sweet old lady, Prudence lived a good life.  She was a silly dog,  who enjoyed snuggling (especially with her sister Lola on top of her back) We had been lucky enough to care for Pru for many years,  but as she got older she chose to tone things down and chill with the group. She had a bark you could hear across the building,  and she liked to voice her concerns as she saw fit.  We’ll miss you Pru. Woo Woo.


This sweet, mellow guy was a joy at Tails. He enjoyed the other dogs, but play was just not his thing, but he loved us all the same. We miss our sweet Barkley, but he leaves his legacy with his little brother Lazer. Lazer, you have big paws to fill… in more ways than one.

master willy

If you knew Tails...you knew Willy. He was such a part of the essence of Tails.  We first met Willy  when we still offered pet sitting,  and we would care for Willy at his home when his dad went out of town.  That quickly changed to Willy staying over at Angi and Jason's house when his dad went out of town, then adding day care everyday to Willy's life.  He was a spry schipperke,  never a dull moment when Willy was around.  You probably remember Willy hanging out in the office everyday,  asking for a treat.  We would sometimes have a sign that said "Do not feed the bear"  as he would get too many treats from all his fans. Towards the end, Willy would come to Angi and Jason's house each day instead of day care, to simply snuggle with Jason all day.  He was as much a part of our family as our own dogs.  Will will forever be better trainers, better pet care providers and better people to of known him.  Willy taught us compassion, patience and a will to fight.  We love you dear Willy, forever.


Our dear Cokey has been coming to Tails since 2006, making her one of the most well respected leaders in our pack. She was always such a high spirited happy girl who loved to talk about everything and everyone. She enjoyed her role as leader to the younger pups but was happiest cuddling and kissing her people friends too. We will all miss her presence very much